Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lonely Days

I hate it when my humans are away for a long time. I know I try to play it off like they don't matter to me but they do! They have been gone for like... oh crap how would I know, I'm a cat therefore I have no real sense of time passing. I think it has been months. Or years! I see that my litterbox has been tended to and I have fresh food and water so maybe it hasn't been such a long time after all. I really miss them though. The only one who lives here in my house now is the one I call Pete. He seems to come around the most. I think the other humans have moved away. I did see the female some time ago, but she was only here for a day or two visiting. The young one hasn't been here for such a long time, I wonder if he will ever come back? I hope so and soon!! My days and nights alone in my big house are really starting to suck. I would let the mailman in if I could reach the lock. I think I will try to be extra nice when I see Pete next time, maybe then he will stay here with me and play and watch tv and stuff. He may even tell the female to come back and bring the young one with her! Thats my plan. I should rest up now and get ready for the big homecoming, yes a nap would be just the thing...ahhhh, a stretch and then...zzzz


Mark Price said...

My name is not Pete. We have been over this, I just saw you yesterday. Please turn off the computer when you're done with it. Cindy was just home last week and you know Jake is sick in the hospital. Please stop trying to get sympathy from your...reader. Sheesh, I should be so lucky to have your life!

Cynica Sarcastamos said...

Damnit all to hell, Pete! I told you to stop leavin that cat! I've had to call the cops on his catnip keggers twice now. That fat boy is out of control so either get your ass home to stay or send STC to me! (Don't worry Samson. When Cindy and Jake get back, you'll have 3 humans to pet yourself on.)

Mark Price said...

Cynica, my name is not Pete and you know it! Please don't encourage him.

Danica Dragonfly said...

Oh, see ... it should not surprise me that your cat has his own blog ... er rather ... sorry STC, your human has his own blog.

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